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If I had one of these, I wouldn't be nameless.

You can call me Lardo

Some of you may know that after I quite smoking I gained a bit of weight. Roughly 30 pounds of weight.

So in Oct of 2007, I began taking Chantix to quit smoking. And it worked for me. At first I had some really strange and bizarre dreams but within a week I hated the taste of cigarettes and I didn't want one. I started to gain a little weight but I put it off more to the holidays and winter. Around Christmas of 2007, I quit taking the Chantix when I became sick. By the time, I recovered from my illness, I found I didn't need the Chantix anymore. My last cigarette was about 2 drags of one I bummed off of  Chordam7 in late January of 2008 at a bachelor party.

However, I must have started eating more or I was burning more calories that I thought going outside to smoke every couple of hours because I started to gain some weight. In October of 2007, I weighed around 192 pounds. When I saw the doctor in April of 2008, I was 223 pounds. The doctor pulled out this little cardboard BMI calculator and said "You're obese."

Now that was a bit of a wake up for me. Back in '87, when I joined the Army, I weighed 120 pounds. At 6 feet tall, that is pretty darn thin. By the time I finished Basic and AIT, I weighed 150 pounds which I stayed around until about '97. While I was in the military, I knew that if I hit 180 pounds, I would have to on the Fat Boy Program, our colorful phrase for the program to keep soldiers in the proper condition.

I got out of the Army and quit exercising. I began this slow climb up in weight then until I hit around 190 in '02. That is, until I quit smoking.

So I actually picked up my membership card for the Pro Club, the gym I have had membership with since I started working at Microsoft. They have a program called 20/20 Lifestyles to get people in shape and quite a bit of the cost is covered as a benefit. However, when I went to the seminar about it, they said that they didn't want me in it since I would be spending 2 weeks in Texas and 2 weeks in Washington and that was too large of a break in the program since it would run for 16 weeks in my case.

However, the guy giving the presentation was pretty good so I decided to cut back on my calories and see how that went. I started limiting myself to 1500 calories a day in five 300 calorie meals. This was in late April.

In May, I decided to add some exercise. I scheduled an appointment with a trainer at the Pro Club in Seattle on the 14th of May. At that time, we took my measurements and I weighed 211 pounds and my body fat was 17.7%. I started going to the gym 5 days a week with 30 minutes of cardio every day and strength training on 3 days. By mid-June, I was at 206 but then I started the move to Round Rock.

After I had been down in Round Rock a week or so, I found a gym close by to join to continue to exercise. It is really a bare-bones kind of gym. I only went there a few times before I came back to Seattle but I kind of like it. And it is dirt cheap in comparison to the Pro Club.

On July 9th, I had my measurements done again and I was fairly pleased. I weighed 202 pounds and my body fat was 16.3% but the nicest change was that I had lost 3 inches on my waist. That isn't too bad considering I have have been moving around quite a bit and I haven't been able to keep to my schedule as well as I would like. One thing I did not like was that I had lost half an inch on my biceps.

(Last Tuesday, I weighed 197 pounds but I was dehydrated from a hangover so I'm not counting that.)

So I have come to a bit of a crossroads about how to proceed. I could continue to keep my calories down and keep to the same work out or I could increase my calories and do more strength training. I am inclined towards the latter since my goal is not a particular weight but rather 12% body fat.

Any opinions?

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