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If I had one of these, I wouldn't be nameless.


What I am watching now:

Burn Notice (USA, Thursdays 10 PM, online): This just a fun show about a spy that was blacklisted. And Bruce Campbell as the boozy, lecherous sidekick is, well, priceless. So far the second season seems better than the first and the first season was pretty good.

Mad Men (AMC, Sundays 10 PM, iTunes): The first season I really thought was amazing. Not just the acting, which is very good, but the attention to detail by the cast and crew for the period. That makes the characters even more compelling and enjoyable to watch. I'm not certain yet if the second season can match the first but the first season set a very high bar.

Coming this fall:

Eli Stone (ABC, Tuesdays 10 PM, Starts Oct 14th, online): I like this show mainly because of the lead actor, Jonny Lee Miller. I liked him in Trainspotting so when I saw the ad for the first season, I gave it a shot. It has a good cast and it usually has clean, happy-ending episodes. It can be a little sappy at times but Miller is great to watch.

Life on Mars (ABC, Thursdays 10 PM, Starts Oct 9th): I am giving this one a chance but I am not sure about it. I really liked the BBC series this was based on but I'm not sure about an American version. Unfortunately, I missed the second season of the BBC version when it was on BBC America so hopefully they may play both seasons of the original on BBC America this fall. I don't know if this show will be available online or not.

Chuck (NBC, Mondays 8 PM, Starts Sep 29th, online): Another fun, campy show that doesn't take itself serious.

Heroes (NBC, Mondays 9 PM, Starts Sep 22nd, online): Of course, I going to watch this.

Life (NBC, Fridays 10 PM, Starts Sep 29th, online): I really liked the first season an I expect that the second will be better. I like the main characters quirkiness

My Own Worst Enemy (NBC, Mondays 10 PM, Starts Oct 13th, online): This looks interesting and I like Christian Slater so I will give this one a shot.

The Mentalist (CBS, Tuesdays 9 PM, Starts Sep 23rd): Looks like it might be ok so I will give it a shot. However, this one has a good chance of being dropped if the first couple of episodes don't catch my interest.

The Unit (CBS, Sundays 10 PM, Starts Sep 28th, online): It is the little things that make me like this show. Such as responding on the radio with "You're coming in broken and stupid, over".

The Shield (FX, Tuesdays 10 PM, Starts Sep 2nd): This was a great series and it is time for a final season. Oddly enough, it always reminds me of Jimmy. In the first season, Mackey's son was revealed to have autism which was around the same time Jimmy was diagnosed. Just one of those strange little coincidences in life.

Sons of Anarchy (FX, Wednesdays 10PM, Starts Sep 3rd): This series looks like it has some potential, where you both despise and cheer the main character, like The Shield.

Fringe (Fox, Tuesdays 9PM, Starts Sep 9th): This show looks to be creepy, intriguing and more than a little odd. I will have to take a look at this one.

Entourage (HBO, Sundays 10 PM, Starts Sep 7th): This show is a riot, especially with the supporting cast of Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrera and Jeremy Piven. Now, I just have to figure out if I get HBO in Texas or Washington. Probably Texas so Mollidog can watch it too.

Dexter (Showtime, Sundays 9 PM, Starts Sep 28th): If I had to pick just one show on this list to watch, this would be it. Now I just need to get my hand on a Dexter bobblehead.

Californication (Showtime, Sundays 10 PM, Starts Sep 28th): Originally, I thought this show would suck with David Duchovny as a womanizing, one-hit wonder of a writer. Then I watch the first season OnDemand. I was so wrong. The show is really great and I am looking forward to the next season. It is another reason for me to keep Showtime.

It looks like Sundays at 10 PM will be the busy time with 4 shows. Thankfully, the AT&T U-verse can record 4 show simultaneously.

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