If I had one of these, I wouldn't be nameless. (namelesscoward) wrote,
If I had one of these, I wouldn't be nameless.

Great Customer Service

It sounds like an oxymoron but it happens once in a while.

When we moved down to Texas, mollidog picked up AT&T U-verse. Now the technology is great and all but the best part is the customer service.

The installer was on-time and worked all day on the solution for our home and it was pretty complicated. There was just one outstanding item when he left that night (an Ethernet connection in Jimmy's room) which he came back the next morning to do.

I have called their customer support twice now after adding services from their web site. The web site sets the delivery date for new services a week out even though they don't require a technician. The first time I called the representative canceled the order and set up the new services with a better price immediately. When I called today, they added the service immediately.

The best part though is that they are genuinely friendly. Hell, they are so friendly and polite, I find myself saying "sir" and "ma'am" when I am talking to them.

Comcast was never like that.

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